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LED 照明 : LED Lighting

LED照明产品用各种类型(线性, DC/DC, PFC IC等)的IC.


High-Brightness Buck Controller LED Driver

DW8522 is a high efficiency step down (Buck) converter for LED driver IC which provide a solution for MR16, general lighting of flat panel displays and general DC voltage LED applications. DW8522 built in high-side current sensing circuit and protection circuit same as TSD and current limit. It can use PWM dimming and analog dimming. DW8522 are available in Small DFN package and a SOIC package.
- MR16, PAR, L-tube lighting
- Offline LED lamps and fixtures
- Signage and decorative lighting
- General purpose LED lighting

- 4.5V to 40V input voltage range
- Hysteretic buck control : Low parts count
- Single pin On/Off and brightness control using
DC voltage and PWM
- Thermal derating function
- 20KHz maximum dimming PWM frequency
- Up to 2MHz switching frequency
- ±2.5% LED current accuracy
- Thermal enhanced package SOIC-8, TDFN-6

Typical Application